Very Important Question In Design Analysis of Algorithm (DAA)

                                                                            Unit -2       Divide and Conquer

Que 1)  Explain strassen’s Matrix Multiplication algorithm with example  ? (w-18,s-18,w-19,s-19)

Que 2) What is Trangulation & Explain with different application of it ? (3 times Repeated)

Que 3) Explain the Concept of closest pair ,Explain the closest Pair Algorithm ? (Three times Repeated) 

Que 4) Binary Search Algorithm with example ?

Que 5) Explain the divide and conquer  Strategy with the help of Example , Also Drawbacks ? 

Que 6) Explain the convex Hull Algorithm ,also explain the different types of Convex Hull ?  

                                                                                      Unit-3 Greedy Methods 

Que 1) Explain the Knapsack Problm with Example.Also we have to solve any Problem on Knapsack ,Find Optimal Solution to the Knapsack instances?

Que  2) what is greedy algorithm ?what are advantage and Disadvantages ?

Que  3)Write a Kruskal’s & Prim’s Algorithm to generate  minimumCost of Spanning tree stimulate the graph given Below ? (Comes 14 Marks Questions).

Que 4) Explain Job Scheduling with Deadlines ? (VVIMP).

                                                                                Unit 4  Dyanamic Programming 

Que 1) Exaplain the Chain Matrix Multiplication with Example ?

Que 2) Explain the Principal of Optimality ? Explain with the Suitable Example? 

Que 3) Explain the Travelling salesman Problem with the help of Example ?

Que 4) Explain Longest Commom subsequence ? Find Sequence ( X= A,B,C,B,D,A,B   y= B,D,C,A,B,A). ?

Que 5) Explian the Optimal Polygon Trangulation With examples ?

Que 6) Explain the Floyd’s warshalls with Example ?

                                                                                     Unit-5 Backtracking

Que 1) Explain the DFS Algorithm with the Suitable Example ?

Que 2) Explain the BFS?

Que 3) Explain the Backtracking With Advantage and Disadvantage ?

Que 4) Explain the Backtracking for 4-Queens/8-Queens.

Que 5) Explain the M-coloring Problem with Example ?

Que 5) List & Explain the Different state Spaces ?

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